Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Week in Seminary

Now I know that the week is not over. In fact it is only Wednesday. However, I have done all the class work for the week. I am taking Introduction to Missiology and Elementary Greek. The missiology class will demand a lot of reading. I will have to write a research paper on something related to missions or the mission of a local church. I think that I am going to write my research paper on outreach strategy's of a church within a highly literate metropolitan context. The last semester of college I took a class on the reformation. I thought that it was extremely interesting how the French Calvinist evangelized catholic France. In 1530 reformation minded people were only but a handful. By 1570 about 1/10 of the population identified with the reformation. So in 40 years France went from having close to zero evangelicals to having around 2 million evangelicals. I think it is pretty amazing. So I wonder if there are some missional lessons that can be learned from that.

My missiology professor, David Sills, received his MDiv from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He received a Doctor of Missiology and a PhD from Reformed Theological Seminary. He was a missionary to the Quichua Indians in the Andes mountains and he served as a professor at Ecuadorian Baptist Theological Seminary. So he has practical and academic experience in missions

My Greek course is awesome. I have wanted to take NT Greek for a while. My professor, Johnathan Pennington, went to Trinity Evangelical Seminary for his MDiv. He was an assistant of D.A. Carson. He did his PhD work at St. Andrews University Scotland. So academically he is a studd. He seems like a light hearted guy, though. When he lectures he often times makes jokes.

Anyhow that is my first impression of seminary.

written by Stephen Stanford

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