Wednesday, May 7, 2008

An Experience with Romans 7

If my hideous heart strays from you,
what can I do?

Desire God, says our true Lords servant,
but my heart is like a hidden venomous serpent

Oh Lord, my treasonous heart amend,
That on you only may this evil sinner depend

Your great grand Glory is my desire,
So also are the spiteful smashing sins that lead to the fire!

Can holy humility be sought by hidden pride?
Can love's Life be lived in a lie?

Oh hope that down in me dwells!
Secure, eternal, joy; my heart swells!

For Jesus, praise His name, the Lord sits at the right hand,
Justice towards me, the sinner, he answers the demand!

My guilt and guile mingled with His blood, sweat and pain,
No more, for the moral Law, will fear remain!

The prayers that he now with eternal persistence, for me, will pray,
continually, progressively in my heart are changes made.

One day my lowly body, in loving likeness, will be made new,
and only love will I have for you

Come Lord! Jesus Come!

Written By Stephen Stanford


Anonymous said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I am a Christian.
Are you?

J*Rob said...