Thursday, March 13, 2008

Scandals, Scandals America in Shambles

The Governor of New York recently joined the ranks of known corrupt officials as his political involvement in a prostitution ring comes to light. It is an all too common story I'm afraid. A few years back, in my hometown a similar elite prostitution ring was exposed. Sex Scandals have been rocking the churches as well. Not long ago a minister in one of the most influential churches in Austin was arrested. Some papers argue that it is merely a personal problem for the politician, but not for the Churchman. But if it is unconscionable for a minister to be a hypocrite, it is equally so for the politician. Christ had much to say about and to hypocrites, namely the pharisees. Our minister would do well to consider Christ rebuke. If you are a minister, hiding your secret sins consider the parable of the wedding feast, how he who attended, but wore no wedding clothes was treated as the outsider. The flames will not stop tormenting you. Consider the wrath of God for the way is narrow that leads to life. Confess your sin to God, confess it also to your brother that he may help you out of it. The church will help the repentant. The church is gracious and will forgive and help you, because God is gracious, but if you do not repent you have only to fear. God has provided you with a way out of your temptation, confess your sins and your weakness and the church will help you to be purified. This is your way of escape. If you are thinking of going into the ministry be sure that you are worthy, deal with your sins now, or you will ruin and lose your ministry later. Secret sins destroy the church, they destroy careers and they destroy families, and souls. The repentant man will forget his shame in the joy of his salvation, the unrepentant will not escape it. Please, hear me when I say turn away from your folly and the Lord will help you, he will save you.

By Samuel Gantt

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