Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Stephen: So Sam are you ready for this adventure into the Blogging world?

Sam: Of Course, I am excited. This blog will be a great opportunity to express a Christian worldview. I hope that our posts will benefit both believers and unbelievers alike. What kind of issues will you be posting on?

Stephen: I hope to post on some general theology. Also, I want to write about philosophy and politics as it relates to Christian concerns. I will also write about some contemporary issues that pop up in the SBC as well as evangelicalism in general. What kind of topics will you be posting on?

Sam: I will write about some of the basics of Christianity for those that would like to better understand it. I will also be writing about how to make good decisions in life. I will touch on ethical topics as they relate within the Christian worldview such as drinking and living with the opposite sex that may be difficult for some to understand. In addition to this, I look forward to reviewing books, movies and the like.
What do you think your next post will be?

Stephen: Well, I would like to post a review of John M. Frame's "Worship In Spirit and Truth." I think I will also discuss some philosophical ethics and explain some of the ethical theories. Another thing that I think I will write on is a review of John M. Frame's "The Doctrine of God."What will be your next couple of Posts?

Sam: The first post I have in mind will be a review of D.A. Carson's "Basics for Believers." Which is a short exposition of the epistle to the Philippians.

Stephen: Alright, then well have a good evening Sam.

Sam: Take it easy Stephen.

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